Why Study Sociology A-Level?

Interested in topics such as class, gender, crime, religion and family? If you've answered yes then Sociology could be a great A-Level for you to study!

A-Level Sociology will introduce you to the theories and and methods Sociologists use to understand what goes on in the world and the different views of others.

This two-year course covers:

  • Education with theory and methods
  • Research methods
  • Families and households
  • Beliefs in society
  • Crime and deviance with theory and methods.

Sociology High Grades

What career could I do if I studied Sociology?

A Sociology A-Level is an appealing qualification for many careers and is a popular choice at university. It can lead to careers in the Public Services, Social Work, Nursing, Criminology or Teaching professions.

Jobs can include:

  • Social Worker: Average UK salary £24,000 to £40,000
  • Nurse: Average UK salary £22,000 to £48,000
  • Police Officer: Average UK salary £20,000 to £60,000.

What other subjects should I study with Sociology?

Sociology provides students with a very good foundation in social, political and policy knowledge. It combines well with subjects from the fields of Arts, Languages, Humanities or Science, such as:

Vatican City Rome

Why should I study at Seevic?

We have years of experience in delivering A-Levels, 46 in fact, and all of our teachers are degree qualified subject specialists with many years of experience teaching A-Level Sociology. 

In your second year you will also have the opportunity to take part in a trip to visiting the Vatican City as part of the religion topic!

Most importantly our students achieved 70% A*-B grades, 20% above national average!

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