Why Study Maths A-Level?

Do you have an analytical mind and like to solve problems? If you've answered yes then Maths could be a great A-Level for you to study!

Maths uses its own language which is made up of numbers, symbols and formulas, which is used to explore the rules we need to measure or identify problems like distance, speed, time, space etc. It's also used to create graphics, build websites and used in architecture.

As part of this two-year course you will:

  • learn the skills of mathematical analysis, primarily through coordinate geometry and calculus.
  • develop the art of problem solving, along with principles of logic and proof
  • be introduced to new functions used in mathematical modelling.

You have the option of either mechanics or statistics. Mechanics is strongly recommended for anyone who is also studying A-Level Physics.

What career could I do if I studied Maths?

Maths is a great subject to study as it develops your analytical, research and problem-solving skills, which are all very sought after in a variety of industries including accounting, medicine, engineering, forensic pathology, business and more.

Jobs can include:

  • Business Analyst: Average UK salary £22,000 to £49,000
  • Software Engineer: Average UK salary £24,000 to £57,000
  • Maths Teacher: Average UK salary £21,000 to £43,000.

What other subjects should I study with Maths?

Maths statisticMaths is a facilitating subject, meaning it will help you study lots of other subjects and allow progression into lots of different careers.

It compliments:

Why should I study at Seevic?

We have years of experience in delivering A-Levels, 46 in fact, and all of our Maths teachers are subject specialists with many years of experience teaching A-Level Maths.

You will also benefit from the opportunity to go to the University of London and attend lectures.

Most importantly, last year our Maths A-Level students had a pass rate of 100%

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