Why Study Law A-Level?

Have an interest in how the legal system works? If you've answered yes then Law could be a great A-Level for you to study!

A-Level Law provides an overview of criminal law, contract and tort principles, as well as the legal skills required for progression to a Law degree or to enter employment.


This two-year course covers:

  • The Legal System and Criminal Law
  • Law-making and the Law of Tort
  • Further Law - the Law of Contract and Legal Concepts.

What career could I do if I studied Law?

A-Level Law teaches skills that many potential employers consider attractive, including:

  • The ability to memorise large amounts of key information and apply it by analogy to new situations
  • The ability to analyse, deconstruct and evaluate processes and principles
  • The ability to debate both sides of an argument in a structured, logical way, citing evidence.

As well as supporting careers in the financial services, banking and insurance industries jobs can include:

  • Legal Executive: Average UK salary £15,000 to £55,000+
  • Barrister: Average UK salary £25,000 to £300,000
  • Solicitor: Average UK salary £25,000 to £100,000+.

What other subjects should I study with Law?

Maths statisticLaw goes well with subjects that are essay based such as:

Why should I study at Seevic?

We have years of experience in delivering A-Levels, 46 in fact, and all of our teachers are passionate about their course and have many years of experience.

You will also benefit from a wide range of theatre, museum and cultural enrichment trips throughout the year.

Most importantly, last year our Law A-Level students had a pass rate of 100%.

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