Why Study Chemistry A-Level?

Do you like to conduct experiments and see what the outcome will be? If you've answered yes then Chemistry could be a great A-Level for you to study!

Chemists conduct experiments to study how elements work in different conditions, they test how they mix, and work out what they are made up of right down to the tiniest particle and use it to develop things like medicine and food. 


This two-year course covers the full range of organic, inorganic, and physical aspects of Chemistry: 

  • Physical Chemistry: you will study atomic structure, bonding, kinetics and thermodynamics, equilibria and homogeneous systems
  • Inorganic Chemistry: you will learn about periodicity and reactions of ions. You’ll also look at groups 2 and 7, period 3, and the transition metals in greater detail
  • Organic Chemistry: you will discover a range of different families of organic molecules, including aromatics, alcohols, and DNA. You’ll also develop an understanding of isomerism, mechanisms, and analytical techniques.

What career could I do if I studied Chemistry?

A-Level Chemistry opens up a huge range of opportunities in areas such as Chemical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Clinical Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Research and Medicine.

Jobs can include:

  • Pharmacist: Average UK salary £26,000 to £83,000
  • Chemical Engineer: Average UK salary £29,000 to £60,000
  • Forensic Scientist: Average UK salary £20,000 to £45,000+.

What other subjects should I study with Biology?

Maths statisticChemistry should, preferably, be taken alongside another science subject, and is ideal if you enjoy and excel in Maths and Science. It compliments the following subjects:

Why should I study at Seevic?

We have years of experience in delivering A-Levels, 46 in fact, and all of our Chemistry teachers are subject specialists with many years of experience teaching the course.

You will also benefit from unrivalled support including additional help sessions run throughout the year, as well as trips and visits linked to current topics.

Most importantly, last year our Chemistry A-Level students had a pass rate of 100%.

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