Post:                                        Teacher

Reports to:                               Programme Co-ordinator

Hours of work:                         Part Time/Full Time


Main purpose of job

To provide teaching of the highest quality and participate significantly in the academic and pastoral work of the curriculum area and to the discussion of and adherence to policy and practice. You will support the educational experience of the student, assist the effective working of the curriculum area and contribute to the realisation of the Corporation’s Mission Statement for the College.


Duties and responsibilities

 1.         Academic

  • To contribute to the development of the work of the curriculum area and to the discussion of policy and practice, through initiative and via the instructions of the Curriculum Line Manager to carry out reasonably assigned responsibilities and duties and comply with College Policies.
  • To prepare lessons in line with the needs of the students and curriculum area schemes of work.
  • To regularly set and mark work according to College policies
  • To monitor and report on the progress of students especially through the review and reporting procedures
  • To record and issue the collection of resources from students
  • To communicate with staff concerning the organisation of students in shared groups
  • To attend parents’ consultation evenings, interview evenings and other similar College events
  • To prepare materials and attend Preview/Open evenings
  • To interview prospective students
  • To contribute to the preparation and delivery of the induction process
  • To set work to cover absence
  • To cover classes for absent colleagues according to contractual requirements as directed by the relevant post-holder.
  • To participate positively in the Professional Review process
  • To maintain an up-to-date knowledge of recent developments in the subject/curriculum area and report on courses attended.
  • To attend curriculum area meetings within contractual requirements.
  • To participate in recording of student achievement according to College Policy.


2.     Cross College

  •  To attend and contribute to College and curriculum programmes as specified
  •  To encourage the good behaviour of students around the Campus and be active        establishing a healthy and clean environment promoting teaching and learning.
  •   To carry out, as appropriate, the College policy on Health and Safety.

3.     General Teacher Expectation

  • To participate in the Quality Assurance system of the College.
  • Be fully aware of College policies relating to equality and diversity and actively promote positive practice in this respect.
  • To undertake such other duties as may be reasonably required, according to contractual requirements.
  • Has an understanding that safeguarding is a shared cross college responsibility. Takes ownership of embedding safeguarding practices into their remit as appropriate to their role within the organisation
  • The post holder will be required to participate in promotional events both within the Campus and possibly at other venues. 
  • Flexibility to meet deadlines in a challenging, multi functional and multi disciplined role.
  • Chasing for information and maintaining accurate and up to date information.
  • Dealing with difficult people or circumstances in a professional and logical structure, aligned to policy, procedures and legislation.
  • Managing and prioritising actions in relation to learner issues and concerns.
  • Providing guidance and advice within procedures, policy and legislation.
  • Time management, prioritising and structure of tasks allocated to you or taken on by you.
  • Appropriate team support and cover to complete tasks to deadline.
  • Who to communicate to about certain situations and what is appropriate on behalf of the learner and the Campus.
  • When to pass up to the Curriculum Line Manager.


4.     Health and Safety

The safety of students in classrooms, laboratories and workshops is the responsibility of the tutor.  This applies to assistants who must be made aware of their responsibilities by a professional tutor.

A tutor is expected to:

  • Know the emergency procedures in respect of fire and first aid and the special safety measures to be adopted in his/her own areas and to ensure that they are applied
  • Exercise effective supervision of learners and ensure that they know of the general emergency procedures in respect of fire and first aid and the special safety measures of the area.
  • Give clear instructions and warnings as often as necessary (notices, posters, handouts are not enough).
  • Ensure that learners coats, bags, cases etc. are safely stowed away.
  • Integrate all relevant aspects of safety into the teaching process and, if necessary, give special lessons on safety.
  • Follow safe working procedures personally.
  • Call for protective clothing, guards, special safe working procedures etc. when necessary.
  • Make recommendations on safety matters to the Curriculum Line Manager.



  • To actively promote the College’s Equalities and Diversity policies within all aspects of the post.
  • To adhere to and proactively promote the College’s Values and Behaviours at all times.
  • To have a comprehensive understanding that Safeguarding including PREVENT is a shared cross College responsibility and to ensure that Safeguarding is robustly embedded into the curriculum and staffing community appropriate to their role within the organisation.
  • To carry out supplementary evening or day and or weekend duties as required.
  • To comply with the requirements of College Policies and Procedures.
  • To be responsible for the implementation of and compliance with the College’s Health and Safety policy.
  • To champion and embody best practice College developmental activities including Performance Appraisals.


The duties and responsibilities listed are not exhaustive and the College may reasonably require that post holder to undertake duties and responsibilities not stated within this job description. 

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