Keeping your child or young person safe

You will be aware from the news that a new risk threatens the safety of our children - the risk of radicalisation by extremist groups.

Extremist groups, both Islamic state inspired groups and right-wing English racist groups, are actively trying to recruit our children online, in schools, colleges and within our local communities. 

This page is designed to:

  • Raise parents' and carers' awareness of this danger
  • Provide some suggestions of how you can reduce the risk of this danger to your child
  • Let you know who you can contact if you have concerns.

You can find out more about safeguarding at Seevic College by clicking here. 

How extremists groom children

Extremists have developed very effective ways to recruit young people through personal befriending and through the internet. They seek to exploit the vulnerabilities our children may have.

Our children may be:

  • Searching for answers to questions about identity and belonging
  • Driven by a need to raise their self-esteem
  • Drawn to a group or an individual who can offer identity, social network and support
  • Angry about world events and feeling the need to make a difference.

The signs of extremism

Young persons who are being groomed by extremists may display certain types of behaviour, such as:

  • Out of character changes in dress, behaviour or peer relationships
  • Secretive behaviour
  • Losing interest in old friends and old activities
  • Glorifying violence
  • Possessing extremist literature
  • Advocating racist or hate filled messages.

How can you help keep your children safe?

  • Know who your child's friends are
  • Be aware of your child's online activity and update your own knowledge on social media
  • Keep talking with your child about what they watch on the TV/Internet and on the news
  • Encourage debate and questioning on local and world events - help your child to see different points of view
  • Explain that anyone who tells them to keep secrets from their family or teachers is likely to be trying to do them harm or put them in danger.

Need more advice?

If you have concerns about your child's safety, please contact our Safeguarding Team on 01268 756 111 or email

If you are particularly concerned that your child might leave the country to travel to a conflict zone please lock your child's passport away in a safe place, then contact the College's Safeguarding team on the details above.

Alternatively you can speak to someone confidentially at the Active Change Foundation (ACF), an organisation concerned with preventing British nationals from travelling to conflict zones, on 0208 539 2770.

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