Attendance & Behaviour


Students are expected to attend all timetabled classes and activities. Holidays are not permitted during term time. Absences must be reported to our Absence Line before 11am.

  • Ring 01268 882 629 / 627

If there is a planned and essential reason for not attending, we ask students to complete an authorised absence slip. You and your young person’s Personal Tutor will be asked to sign this to agree the absence.

ID cards and lanyards 

All students are expected to wear their lanyard and ID card at all times and produce it if asked to do so. This helps to ensure that only people who should be on site actually are. If a student forgets their lanyard or ID card, they can purchase a temporary day pass for £1 from Reception (this is taken from the resource deposit if the student doesn’t have the money with them). Replacement ID cards can be purchased from Student Services for £3, or £2 for lanyards.

Some students studying Sport or Engineering will be allowed to remove their lanyards during certain activities. 

Positive Behaviour

We actively encourage positive behaviour and have high expectations for all of our students. If a student’s behaviour or work ethic is falling below the expected standards, we will let you know and implement our Positive Behaviour Policy (copies of the Policy are available on request).

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