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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

IMG_7786Business students at Seevic College have been carrying out market research for Castle Point Borough Council to inform proposals to establish town centre markets in the Borough.

As part of Seevic’s new College Company Insight, the Level 2 students spoke to over 200 young people through 1-1 interviews, surveys and focus groups to gain their views about town centre markets.

The Council considered this was a great opportunity to work collaboratively with the college and this group of students.  The Council would have struggled to engage directly with such a large number of young people so to have collated insights from over 200 survey responses was an impressive achievement by the students.

Meanwhile the research itself revealed some interesting insights that will help to inform their thinking moving forward.

Some of the most interesting findings were to see the overall positivity of young people towards markets and their willingness to engage with the research. 

Important take-outs were the opportunities to help young people more easily establish their own market stalls to realise their entrepreneurial ambitions. Also, the need to ensure a friendly and non-intimidating environment to provide a positive experience for young shoppers.

Having only recently launched its College Companies, this brief was a great opportunity for students at Seevic, based in Runnymede Chase, Benfleet to work on a real life project.

Currently Business students study a unit on market research throughout their two-year course, and the Council’s project brought this unit to life for the students.

Phillip Stone, Business tutor and Insight lead at Seevic College, said: “The team who worked on this project were really productive, and it helped to bring them out of their shell.

“It was great to see them take ownership over something that has had an impact within the community.”

Seevic College has created two College Companies – Live Creative and Insight. Students from the Art & Design faculty will work as part of Live Creative on briefs set by real companies. This could involve anything from graphic design to 3D digital modelling, filmmaking, photography and music production.

Business students working as part of Insight offer services including market research, mystery shopping and event management. 

By working with real clients in a professional environment, students will not only gain valuable work experience and examples of finished work for their portfolios but they will also develop employability skills and prepare for the world of work.

Principal Dan Pearson said: “Our College Companies give students the chance to work on real life projects and gain valuable experience in the working world. The projects given to our young professionals are exactly what they would receive if they were working in design, business, or any of the related industries. Not only do we provide an excellent service to businesses, whether that is filmmaking, design or market research, our students can use these projects as examples to show to future employers.

“We have a professional business environment for our Insight company and Live Creative has the use of a design space as well as a purpose-built TV studio.

“This is what Seevic College is all about. We are here to give our students a strong foundation and make sure when they leave they do so with the skills employers want.”

Both College Companies have already completed numerous projects successfully and received excellent feedback.

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