Seevic students due to quiz MPs on upcoming EU Referendum

Thursday, 21 April 2016

IMG_8371Seevic College is giving students the opportunity to question members of parliament on the upcoming EU Referendum at an arranged Hustings on Friday 22 April 3-4pm.

Around 150 A-Level and Vocational students will be at the hustings, quizzing the parliamentary members on related issues to the referendum. To enable a fair panel delegates will include: MP of Castle Point, Rebecca Harris; MP of Rayleigh and Wickford, Mark Francois; Green Party Candidate in the 2015 General Election, Dominic Ellis and Cllr Sandy Martin of Suffolk County Council Labour Party, on behalf of Joe Cooke, Press and Diversity Officer for Castle Point Labour Party. 

Rebecca Harris MP said: “It is important for young people to engage politically especially as this is their future at stake. This is an issue that requires a debate in order for everyone to have their equal say.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to vote in the referendum and I would hate to think that anyone has wasted their vote, this referendum will provide the information to the students to ensure they understand the EU Referendum.”

MP Mark Francois said: “This referendum is very important and I believe people should have the opportunity of hearing arguments for both sides. Many students will now be old enough to vote and we would like to see as high a turn out as possible.

“As voting citizens, it’s important that students should understand the issues at stake and this Hustings should provide an opportunity for exactly that. The referendum is likely to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for people to vote on our future relationship with Europe.”

Students will be asking questions in relation to the courses they are studying, for example Law will be looking at how Acts may be affected and Business will be looking at the impact to trade. Questions by the students have all been submitted in accordance to the courses in which they are studying all looking at a variety of ways in which the referendum could affect this particular topic.

Dominic Ellis said: “It is highly important that students hear all sides of the argument to make their own, informed decisions based on all the statistics and opinion available. The Hustings enables students to understand and engage in the political process so their opinions are developed and their voice is heard.

Our EU membership affects everything from the laws we abide by to our human rights as well as trade, immigration and food standards. In short, pretty much everything therefore the opportunity for students to be involved in a EU Referendum Hustings is crucial.”

Principal Nick Spenceley said: “Engaging young people in politics is hugely important and I am delighted that Seevic College will be hosting this event at a crucial time in the build-up to the EU Referendum.

“Sometimes young people can feel left out of political discussions, but as the students future is at stake it is essential that they are given the opportunity to question any topics that are important to them that will help to influence their voting decision.”  

Cllr Sandy Martin said: “A well-run Hustings gives people in the audience the chance to ask questions in which they would not be able to do ordinarily. If today’s student do not take the opportunity to understand and vote, their life changes may be blighted by the decision of their grandparents."


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