Tutor contributes almost £3,000 to Calais "Jungle"

Tuesday, 01 March 2016

160308-YousefBusiness and Economics Tutor, Yousef Nabi, spent his half term helping the Refugees in Calais. Yousef completed tasks such as sorting through piles of clothes for the children to wear, making food for nearly 1,000 people to eat and lifting heavy objects around the camp.

The Calais refugee camp is also referred to as “The Jungle”. Refugees are given the opportunity to have one hot meal per day, fresh clothes and to try and improve the living for their families.

The Seevic College Tutor spent two days at the “Jungle”, Tuesday 16 February and Wednesday 17 February, Along with his two friends Adeel Shah and Jamshed Ali. He said: “I never planned how exhausting it would be, I h
ave huge respect for those volunteers that have spent numerous of months helping”.

Yousef said “when watching the news I was always inspired by the help people were giving and wanted to do the same, I was concerned for the people in the camp and wanted to help.

“The situation of the “Jungle” made me feel annoyed and I wanted to know what they are going through and what there day to day experience was like.”

Yousef’s day started around 8am every morning and was full of activities right through till 5pm. All volunteers were advised to leave the camp before dark for safety and security reasons.

“It was an eye opening experience, I am glad I done it and would definitely do it again” said Yousef.

He added: “The Jungle was a lot bigger than I expected, I went for a walk for around 30 minutes but only got to see about 20% of the whole camp.”

160308-Yousef -bags -for -lifeOnce out in Calais Yousef donated nearly £2,000 worth of food to the refugees. They made bags for life for them to cook and eat within their own homes. This gave families the sense that they were together and are able to cook and provide for themselves. Yousef also set up a crowdfire page where he raised a further £1,466 in donations towards the refugee camp.

Yousef added: “They have made their own community within the camp with a nightclub, a school and a church. It is an experience that I will remember and it was nice to be involved and see the situation for myself.

“It also gave me the opportunity to meet people from all across the world who were also volunteering, every worker got on really well and there were no conflicts or fights as everyone was there to help.”

Yousef joined the College in 2015 and teaches A-Level Business and Economics to first and second year students. 


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