"Strong not Skinny" campaign is launched at Seevic College

Monday, 07 March 2016

Seevic College, based in Runnymede Chase, Thundersley, is giving girls at the College the opportunity to take part in a brand new sports programme, ‘Strong not Skinny’. This gives students the opportunity to have their very own FitBit, free gym membership and personalised training sessions for six weeks.

The programme is in place to help boost students’ confidence in their appearance, and ability to complete various tasks and activities. This event is taking part over International Women’s Day with this year’s campaign being “Pledge for Parity”.

160307-Strong -not -SkinnySeevic are raising the awareness of sport for young women and giving them the opportunity to have equal recognition as men in sport.

A total of seven students have signed up to the six-week programme. One student Rianna Hughes, 18, who is currently studying BTEC Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science said: “It is a great opportunity that you don’t normally get.”

She added: “I have an on-going back injury therefore it is really easy for me to fall out of shape, but this programme has given me great motivation to achieve goals.

“You can plan your exercise as well as understand what is helping you the most.  The information from the FitBit is so interesting and you keep trying to improve each day.”

The group of girls have added each other to their own FitBit app, meaning they are competing on a daily basis to see who is performing the best.

The College runs various sport enrichment classes and, if any of the students on the programme attend these, they will also receive a free lunch voucher for a healthy meal.

Lucy Jago, 17, also studying BTEC Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science said: “When I am by myself I don’t do much exercise but when I have someone else to do it with and compete with I push myself a lot more.

“It is great that we are doing this as a group because we are all helping each other and having a lot of fun.”

All the girls agreed and said that they would recommend the training programme to anyone. It has given them all extra boosts in confidence as well as the ability to not worry about what other people think as much.

This programme has been funded by the College’s Sports Maker Clare Thomas, who receives funding in order to help push sport for all at Seevic – one of the very few Colleges that receive this funding. 


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