Hearing-impaired artist inspires Deaf learners at Seevic College

Tuesday, 07 May 2013

Hearing -impaired -artist -inspires -deaf -learners -at -seevic -collegeA hearing-impaired artist from Billericay hopes that Deaf Awareness Week 2013 can be used as a springboard to encourage young deaf people to be independent and proud of their identity.

Alexandra Morse works as a role model and mentor to hearing-impaired learners at Seevic College.

Through hard work, talent and personal determination Alexandra, 34, has been able to overcome her barriers to achieve a BA (Hons) Degree in Art & Design and train as a teacher of adults and young people.

She now uses her training, personal experience and skills to broaden the horizons of learners at the College – in particular encouraging and supporting deaf learners to achieve their potential.

Alexandra, a former A-Level student at the College herself, says: “I truly believe that Art can be an incredibly valuable visual form of communication, enabling young people who are deaf to express themselves creatively.”
"Working at Seevic College is a fantastic opportunity for me to use my skills." Alexandra Morse
She continues: “Hearing-impairment requires people to overcome barriers on a daily basis. Unfortunately, because hearing-impairment is a ‘hidden disability’, deaf people can sometimes be ignored rather than engaged with - which can be frustrating.

“Working at Seevic College is a fantastic opportunity for me to use my skills, work in a ‘hearing world’, and encourage deaf students to be independent and proud of their identity.

“I would advise any hearing-impaired young person to accept their deafness, be positive and work hard. If you are able to do these things, you’ll succeed and be proud.”

Seevic College currently has 10 deaf learners enrolled on courses as varied as A-Levels and BTECs in Art, Travel & Tourism and ICT across its Campuses in Benfleet and Basildon.

The College provides in class communicators and one-to-one tutorials for each of its hearing-impaired learners.

Deaf Awareness Week 2013, organised by the UK Council on Deafness, runs from 6-12 May and enables organisations to promote their work within the broad spectrum of deafness.

Seevic College’s Skills Academy delivers supported learning, additional courses and individualised employability programmes to learners across both its Campuses in Benfleet and Basildon.

Courses are designed to suit the individual needs of each learner, being flexible, challenging and equipping learners with the necessary skills to operate confidently, effectively and independently in education, work and everyday life.

To find out more about supported learning at Seevic College ring 01268 882 666 or email yourfuture@seevic-college.ac.uk


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