Lanyard policy at USP College

The safety of all staff and students is the number one priority for USP College and to secure this we need to ensure that all students, staff and college visitors are easily identified. 

All students should wear their lanyard and ID card at all times while on college premises. 

Students found without a card or lanyard will be subject to disciplinary action.

  • In the first instance that a student forgets or loses their card or lanyard they will be issued with a 24- hour temporary pass. This will also initiate a meeting with their Progress Coach which will form Stage 1 of the College’s Positive Behaviour Policy
  • If the student is on college premises without their ID card and lanyard for a second time, we will assume that they have lost them and will issue them with a replacement card and lanyard at a cost of £5. If the student refuses to pay £5 for a new card and lanyard, this will result in a Stage 2 meeting with the relevant Head of Learning or Programme Coordinator.
  • If the student continues to attend college without their lanyard and ID card the disciplinary procedures will be escalated to Stage 3 of the college’s Positive Behaviour Policy with the Director for Curriculum & Campus Operations

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