Level 3, A Level

Duration: Two Year Course

Location: Benfleet

Course Description

A-Level Chemistry opens up a huge range of opportunities in careers such as: Chemical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Clinical Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Research and Medicine.

Preferably taken alongside another Science subject, this course is ideal if you enjoy and excel at Mathematics and Sciences.

The course will broaden your horizons and see you gain a broader understanding of the world around you from a molecular perspective such as: materials and physical phenomena, and chemistry of living things. The course covers the full range of organic, inorganic, and physical aspects of Chemistry. You will have opportunities to develop a combination of independent and cooperative strategies in your learning and practical tasks, as well as your enquiry and problem solving skills. 


  • Physical Chemistry: you will study atomic structure, bonding, kinetics and thermodynamics, equilibria and homogeneous systems
  • Inorganic Chemistry: you will learn about periodicity and reactions of ions. You’ll also look at groups 2 and 7, period 3, and the transition metals in greater detail
  • Organic Chemistry: you will discover a range of different families of organic molecules, including: aromatics, alcohols, and DNA. You’ll also develop an understanding of isomerism, mechanisms, and analytical techniques.

How Will I Be Taught and Assessed?

You will learn through a range of classroom based theory, demonstrations and practical work. Assessment takes place via three written examinations at the end of Year Two. You will also be required to complete 12 practical tasks throughout the course, and may be questioned on the outcome of these in your examinations.

Why Should I Choose Seevic College?

  • A-Level Chemistry at Seevic College uses real life contexts to introduce concepts. Specific core practical tasks link directly to your specification topics giving you the opportunity to develop your investigative skills and consolidate your learning.
  • Unrivalled support and help sessions run throughout the year.
  • Trips and visits that link to current topics.

What Could I Do Next?

Chemistry is an excellent basis for progression to a Science degree program. It provides a wide range of career opportunities, including: Medical Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacology
and Research. 
The top five degree courses taken by students who have an A-Level in Chemistry from Seevic College are:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Medicine
  • Mathematics
  • Pharmacology.

There are also an increasing number of high-level Apprenticeship opportunities in sectors such as Chemical Engineering and Industry. Recent Seevic alumni include:

  • Royal Veterinary College
  • PhD in Chemistry at Oxford
  • Higher Apprenticeship with Rolls Royce.

General Entry Requirements

Average point score of 5.3, calculated from all GCSE subjects. Your point score MUST include at least five GCSEs at Grade C/4 or above - including English Language or Maths.

If your English Language is a D/3, your Maths must be at least a C/4 and vice versa.

Specific Entry Requirements

  • Grade B/6 or above in at least two Science GCSEs (not equivalents) 
  • Grade B/6 or above in GCSE Maths
  • Grade C/4 or above in GCSE English Language.

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