Natalie Sidey

Having studied an Apprenticeship in AAT Accounting at Levels 2 and 3, Natalie has just finished Level 4 at MSB & Co Accountants. She is now undertaking an ACA qualification to pursue a career in this field.

"I believe it is crucial to choose the right course for you. When choosing an Apprenticeship course it is important to pick one that you are good at but enjoy at the same time.

"On a daily basis I produce both sole-trader and limited company accounts for a range of different clients. The involves bookkeeping, accounts and taxation. I love my job because I have a natural talent for it. Maths has always been my favourite and strongest subject.

"I have really enjoyed my Apprenticeship at Seevic. Accountancy is a 3-4 year long course but I have grown so much in that time; it was definitely worth the wait.

"Seevic has helped me become a successful young qualified accountant."

"Throughout my time as an apprentice I have been assessed regularly both by my manager and my college tutor. This helps you take on constructive criticism and notice your strengths at the same time.

"My colleagues have always gone out of their way to guide me and give me help and advice. The college students tend to help eachother with tasks and open up about their own experiences.

"I would definitely recommend Apprenticeships to school leavers, although it does take a certain type of student to be an apprentice. You need to be mature and goal driven.

"Seevic has helped me become a successful young qualified Accountant."

Top Tips

  • If you are better at visual and practical learning with a small bit of theory on the side then I strongly believe an Apprenticeship is the best style of learning for you
  • The more you strive to have a career, the more likely you are to succeed - you need to be passionate about the job you do
  • Don't enrol on an Apprenticeship just to get money.

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