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1H0C5996A full service marketing agency based in Leigh-on-Sea, WSS Media provides creative branding and marketing advice to a wide range of clients. 

"From a company point of view, I’ve employed people and sometimes found you have to get them to adjust to how the company works.

"Apprentices are eager and find it easier to understand the mindset of the company; you can train them to work in a way that is beneficial for your organisation.

"Apprentices find it easier to understand the mindset of the company."

"Our apprentice is very eager and great at his job. He’s very confident and is always first in the office each day – it has a positive impact across the company.

“The interview process allowed me to get to know each of the candidates and what their different strengths were. 

"I have no reservations at all when it comes to the service we’ve had from the College; I can’t fault it at all. I’ve already suggested to one of my clients that they hire an apprentice and I would strongly suggest it to anyone I know - not just in my own industry, but any.”

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