The role of the Board is to agree policies and strategies for the College and to ensure it is able to monitor progress in their implementation. It also ensures the solvency of the College and the safeguarding of its assets. The Full Board of Governors normally meets four times each year in addition to holding two conferences. Much of the work of the Governors is carried out through its sub-committees: Finance & General Purposes; Audit; Search & Governance and Standards.


  • Robert Gildie - Chair of Corporation
  • Dan Pearson - Principal & Chief Executive
  • Phillip Lennon - Vice Chair of Corporation
  • Chris Humpage - Vice Chair of Corporation
  • Carol Skewes
  • Shri Footring
  • Natalie Tickle
  • Andrew Frye
  • Alex Dobinson

Risk & Audit Committee

  • Alex Dobinson - Chair
  • Paul Bennett
  • Chris Humpage

Finance & General Purpose

  • Dan Pearson - Principal & Chief Executive
  • Phillip Lennon - Chair
  • Robert Gildie 

Standards Committee

  • Chris Humpage - Chair
  • Shri Footring
  • Dan Pearson - Principal & Chief Executive
  • Carol Skewes
  • Natalie Tickle
  • Andrew Frye
  • Daniel Potter - Student Governor

Search & Governance Committee

  • Robert Gildie - Chair
  • Chris Humpage - Vice Chair
  • Phillip Lennon - Vice Chair
  • Dan Pearson - Principal & Chief Executive

Clerk to the Corporation



Information about the College is generally available to the public on request. Any person wishing to view the following documents may do so by contacting the Clerk to the Governors. Single copies of many of these documents are normally available free of charge:

  • Governing Body Standing Orders
  • Annual Report & Financial Statements
  • The College Mission Statement & Charter
  • College Prospectuses [directly from the College]
  • College Inspection Report [directly from the College]
  • Information on Student Achievements [directly from the College]
  • Registers of Interest of Governing Body Members and of Senior Staff with Significant Financial Responsibilities
  • Code of Conduct for Governing Body Members
  • Instruments & Articles of Government

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