Rich Binnington

Richard -binningtonHaving studied BTEC Level 3 Media Production with us, Rich graduated from Staffordshire University with a First Class Honours and is now a Production Runner at Double Negative Visual Effects in London.

"I chose Seevic after meeting the tutors. For me, it was about finding people who were passionate about what they do and could help me to show my skills within the field. I came to an Open Evening and it honestly just made me make my mind up on the spot that yep, this is where I want to spend the next few years.

"Looking at the criteria that was covered by the course too meant I wasn’t stuck to do just one field such as TV or radio - I got the chance to explore all different avenues and understand it all at a professional level.

"I enjoyed the freedom to explore my studies and work alongside tutors to ensure I was giving everything my all. I’m driven by doing the best I can and I really believe my experience at Seevic on my course helped me decide my career. In the final year on our final major project, it was left open to us to take on an area we wanted to. I did a documentary on Doctor Who, which has always been a passion of mine, and it still sits on YouTube today with over 55,000 views. 

"Life was very different at school. The years I spent at Seevic were very important, as they were my formative years. Between the ages of 16-18, I found it really important to discover what I wanted to do and have the resources needed to do it. Cathy and Barry were the first teachers I had that made me feel like I wasn’t a kid; I was an adult developing my skills for a career. 

"My tutors at Seevic were incredibly helpful and I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today without their drive and pushing me to go the extra mile. Whilst I was at university, I produced a documentary that went on to being screened at the BFI in London and win two Royal Television Society awards. I looked back at my old college work and saw what feedback I was given and used this to make a successful short film. 

"When I was younger I always wanted to be a Director but I think that’s everyone at the start. With a bit more of an educated approach to it all now, I aim to be a TV Producer one day, most likely within the Visual Effects department. 

"My time at Seevic put me on the path I am now and I couldn’t be more thankful. My advice to anyone thinking about studying at the college would be to do what you want and make the most of it as it passes by so quick.

"During my whole time at university, I have always tried to take on different genres and styles, mainly because I found it engaging and challenging. Overall I have been involved on working on 50+ short films in various roles and five of my own. I’ve dabbled in sci-fi, thriller, romcom, mockumentary & documentary to get the best all out experience. My documentary, Searching For Signatures was probably my most successful which was made during my second year. But to me my graduation films, Fancy That (Romcom) & Mamoosh (Thriller) were my favourites as I was really pushing myself and I am super proud of the result. 

"I’ve had films screened in various places around the country and it’s always a weird experience showing off your work to others. Making a film is like a 1,000 piece jigsaw of the sky, if you don’t get the corners, you’ll be stuck.

"My education and the people I met along the way have been the corners and I wouldn’t change it for the world."

Rich's college documentary

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