Reece Sanders

Reece SandersAfter studying Creative Media Production & Games Development at Seevic, Reece went on to do a six month course at MET Film School in London for VFX, resulting in him working on various short films including Disney's new reimagining of the Jungle Book.

"My VFX course enabled me to learn more 3D as well as 2D compositing, camera tracking etc. After leaving there, I got my first job two weeks after doing music videos for well-known DJs Dimitris Vegas and Like Mike in LA for the shoot and then in the UK for all the effects and editing.

"The next big thing I worked on was the BBC FA Cup draw opener which was not an average shoot as the whole theme was a bullet time effect, so all slow movements with cameras flying around them meaning that we used 3D scanners and photo rigs to create the characters in full CG using photogrammetry.  

"In my spare time, I have also worked on various short films including Elderon, Sanctuary, Therepy and Injustice. I was also the VFX Supervisor on a low budget feature film called Pandorica, which has been released in the UK and US and is now on Amazon Prime and been nominated for Best Independent Film.

"More recently, I've worked on Disney's new reimagining of the Jungle Book and small bits of work on The Martian.  I am currently working in VFX for TV at Double Negative, where I have worked on numerous productions including Mr Selfridge, Death in Paradise, Fungus Bogeyman, Agent Carter, Plebs and Jekyll and Hyde."

My time at Seevic College

"When I visited Seevic's Open Evening, the tutors showed more knowledge and interest than any others that I went to which was a big reason in choosing to study at the college.

"During my time at Seevic, as well as my studies, I also really enjoyed my time to socialise as it was great in keeping me focused and learning methods and skills from other people to help with the way you work.  

"Alongside my time at college, I was able to do freelance work which was great for getting me to where I am now and getting the experience that I needed to move forward. 

"The course was very game-orientated (obviously!), with many aspects like the 3D creation side and game engine elements gave me the knowledge of basic code and scripting which helps me in my current job.

"College was very different to school in many ways. It was the bridge between leaving school and the working world; it gives you the mindset of being responsible for your own work rather than tutors taking you every step of the way. I was able to push myself and still get the work required, but in a way that benefited myself best.

"My tutors were great in highlighting how certain elements of the course could be useful in the industry. We were able to have a laugh occasionally which helped everyone keep focus - there's no point sitting through two years of education that's not enjoyable otherwise you'll lose interest."

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