Abbie -jonesAbbie Jones

A previous Shoeburyness High School student, Abbie talks about her time at Seevic and next steps to achieve her lifelong goal of becoming a PE teacher in a secondary school.

Why did you first decide to come to Seevic?

I had previously heard that Seevic was an outstanding college for sport and, after my basketball coach began teaching there as well as coaching the team, I was encouraged to join the College. I had also heard about the amazing support given by all the teachers from friends who were at the College.

What have you most enjoyed about your course here and why?

I am doing a BTEC and have mostly enjoyed the range of different units that I have been taught over the past two years. By learning about so many different units it has continuously kept me interested and always made me want to continue learning.

What have you enjoyed most about College life?

The main thing I have enjoyed about college life is the environment in the sports department and the relationships made with both teachers and other students. When I first joined the College I was the only one from my school so I didn't know anyone but everyone is so friendly and easy to get on with. I have definitely made some lifelong friends.

How has life at Seevic been different to school?

Seevic has been different to school because it gives you a lot more independence. I feel that over the past two years I have been treated a lot more like an adult and, although the teachers are supportive when needed, you are more relied on to get the work done by yourself. I think this will definitely be beneficial if going to university because it prepares you more for what it will be like there.

How have your Tutors helped to support your success?

I've had two different types over the past two years at College and both of them have been very supportive throughout. You know you can go to them if there is ever a problem with any of your College work or even problems at home. I didn't decide to apply for university until later than most people and my Tutor was very helpful when I needed my personal statement checking and when I wasn't sure of some of the application process.

What are your ambitions for the future? 

I am planning on going to the University of Kent in September where I am going to continue studying Sport and Exercise Science. After that I am hoping to achieve my lifelong goal of becoming a PE teacher in a secondary school.

What advice would you offer to someone thinking of studying at Seevic?

I would definitely advise anyone who is thinking about studying at Seevic to go. Especially if they are interested in sport or joining a sports team. I can't imagine there is any other college in and around the Essex area that compares to the level of training and coaching that is received at Seevic College.

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