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Photo -22An insight into college life: written by students, for students.

From revision tips to their first week at college, our student bloggers have a passion for writing as well as an interest in providing both prospective and current students with an understanding of what student life at Seevic College is really like.

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Latest blogs

Life in America

"Although I am really busy, it is a great experience and I have already had some great opportunities." - Josh Devlin

Getting ahead at Seevic

"I came into my final year with greater determination and motivation. My mindset made a drastic difference to my work ethic." - Lacey Cottle

Success at A-Levels: A former students' guide

"Over the course of the school year, there will be times when you don't do well or where you put everything in and it still doesn't come out right. It happened to me several times over. But each time it happened, I just looked at my end goal and kept going, and it worked." - Will Clarke

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