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Girl -3At Seevic, our staff are here to give you impartial advice and guidance about the best courses and learning pathways. Here we answer some of the most commonly asked questions. 

If you don't find the answer to your question, please call 01268 756 111 or email and we will be happy to help. 

1. Do I have to apply for college before the end of December? 

We encourage students to apply as early as possible through completing the form in the back of our prospectus or applying online.

While it is good to get your application in early as we enrol in application date order, there is no set deadline for applying to college. Applying early does make sure you are invited to pre-enrolment events. 

If you want to start in September, you can apply right up to the enrolment dates in August and sometimes afterwards as well (subject to availability). 

2. Can I apply for a place at more than one college or sixth form? 

You can apply to as many colleges or sixth forms as you want. Even if you have had an interview, been given an offer letter and accepted, this does not commit you to a particular place. 

3. I can't decide what courses to write on my application form.

Don't worry - what you write on your form does not have to be your final choice! You can change your options when you come for an interview and you may even change your mind after you've received your GCSE results. 

You will have a chance to discuss any changes with us before you start your course. 

4. What happens if I'm offered a place at college but I don't get the grades I need? 

If your GCSE results aren't as good as you hoped, stay calm. We will be available to discuss all your options with you when you receive your GCSE results. 

5. Can I get more detailed information about the courses available? 

More information on each of our courses, such as modules and trips, can be found on the course pages of our website. 

6. Can I get careers advice at college? 

Yes - we have dedicated Careers Advisors so you can get help and advice whenever you need it.

7. Can I choose any combination of A-Level subjects? 

Most students are able to study the courses they want, however in some circumstances the college may advise, at interview, that certain subjects are best not studied together.

Once you have applied, you will be asked to come in for this interview where we will discuss your options with you.

8. I'm in Year 12, can I complete my A-Levels at Seevic? 

Please call Admissions on 01268 882 618 or email to discuss your situation. 

9. Can I study a subject if I haven't take it at GCSE? 

Yes, although some subjects require experience and a certain level of achievement at GCSE level. See individual course entries for more details.

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