The 10 Skills

Communication and interpersonal skills

The ability to explain what you mean in a clear and concise way through written and spoken means. To listen and relate to other people, and to act upon key information/instructions.

Team working

Working well with other people from different disciplines, backgrounds, and expertise to accomplish a task or goal.

Working under pressure and to deadlines

Handling stress that comes with deadlines and ensuring that you prioritise and meet them.

Using your initiative and being self-motivated

Having new ideas of your own which can be made into a reality. Showing a strong personal drive and not waiting to be told to do things.

Valuing diversity, individual differences and global awareness

Knowing the value of diversity and what it can bring. Understanding and being considerate of the different needs of different individuals/groups.

English, Maths and ICT for work

Having the ability to use every day functional skills such as English, maths and ICT to influence and present ideas to other people.

Commercial awareness and enterprise skills

Having the awareness and the ability to understand the business issues that affect the industry you are interested in joining, and to understanding the environment in which it operates in relation to customers and competitors.

Analysing and problem solving

The ability to understand a problem by breaking it down into smaller parts, and identifying the key issues, implications and identifying solutions. To apply your knowledge from many different areas to solving a task.

Leadership and drive

Being able to take responsibility and lead other people, in order to achieve set goals and objectives.

Planning and organising

Being organised and methodical. Able to plan work to meet deadlines and targets. Monitoring progress of work to ensure that you are on track to meeting a deadline.

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