College Companies

Dan EditedAt Seevic, we have introduced College Companies to work with local and global organisations. This working relationship benefits these organisations by providing a range of free services as well as an opportunity to work with the local community our students also gain valuable work experience.

How it works

  1. Contact one of our College Companies with your task or project
  2. Out tutors will help select the best team for your enquiry
  3. The students will design a brief for you to agree
  4. You will have regular meetings with the team and tutors to ensure the project is on track
  5. The final product or report will be presented to you
  6. You will have one final meeting to ensure that you are happy with everything you have received
  7. You will have helped our students to gain work experience and received a great service and product, free of charge!



Made up of a selection of our Level 3 Business students, Insight work with you on live assignment briefs set by your company, tailored to your needs. The types of projects our students complete include market research, mystery shopping and event management.

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LivecreativeLive Creative

Live Creative consists of students from our Creative Arts department. These students are able to help organisations in a variety of different ways - from animation and branding, to film production and 3D digital modelling.

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