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Girl4We want all our students to be successful and enjoy their time at College. We know that the costs of attending College might different to when you were at school, and that you may be concerned about the financial aspects of studying and travelling.

If you’re concerned about finances you can talk to one of our Student Advisers. They can advise you about costs and the financial help that is available to you. This includes the College Bursary and Welfare Funds.

To discuss financial support with one of our Student Advisers you can drop in to Student Services, ring 01268 882 666 or email

The College Bursary Fund

The College Bursary Fund offers financial support to young people whilst they are in education. There are two parts:

Part 1: A regularly paid guaranteed sum for some groups of young people. You may be eligible for a guaranteed sum if you are:

  • In care
  • A care leaver
  • Receiving income support in your own right, or
  • Have a disability and receive both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance.

Part 2: A discretionary award for young people facing financial barriers to learning. This award is to help with essential course costs, such as:

  • Transport – public transport, or the College buses
  • Equipment for your course – books and materials
  • Trips – if these are an essential part of your course
  • Help with the cost of eating at College.


If you’re under 20 years old and have to pay for childcare while you attend College, you could get your childcare costs paid in full. For more information visit

Guidance & Application Forms 2018/19

Discretionary Bursary Guidance

Discretionary Bursary Application

Vulnerable Bursary Guidance

Vulnerable Bursary Application 

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