Holly Foxen

Holly FoxenAfter completing her BTEC Extended Diploma at Seevic in 2014, Holly is heading off to study Digital TV Production at Ravensbourne.

Holly said:

“I live in Benfleet and went to The Deanes School previously, so Seevic was my local College. I’d heard that it was good and I thought it would be worthwhile to apply; it was also quite close to my home, so getting there every day was easy.

“I enjoyed developing my photography skills and learning new things about the equipment I use. I’ve also enjoyed discovering all the different things you can do with Photoshop, which I’d never learnt about before. I loved using certain tools to blend things together and create more interesting pictures; I particularly liked learning to merge two people together, making them look like one person, and things like that. 

“I’ve met a lot of new people here who I’ve become really close friends with, and it’s been great going to parties with them! You get the chance to socialise with people at Seevic, with longer breaks between classes than you might have had at school. There are more facilities at Seevic too, like a studio in the Creative Arts Department where you can practice your photography, and the Restaurant is different as well.

“If I have a problem with my course I can always just go and talk to my Tutors, who try their best to give me solutions. We could go over the new things that we’ve been learning about in class, or talk about meeting deadlines and stress; I could always go and talk to them about anything.

“If you’re thinking about taking a vocational qualification, make sure you pick a topic that you’re interested in. A-Levels and BTECs are different sorts of things; if you’re going for a BTEC you’ll be doing a lot of coursework for one subject, so you have to be passionate about it from the start.

“I’m very pleased with how I’ve got on at Seevic. My pictures have been exhibited at the annual Creative Arts show, which was quite exciting! I had three 8’x2’ pictures on display, so they were reasonably big... The subject of my work was ‘People’, and it was great to display the project I’d been working on in class in public.” 


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